Former Athlete Kellie Shin Champions Women’s Sexual Wellness Through Adult Film

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(Los Angeles, CA / April 2, 2024) — Kellie Shin, a former top athlete and strength coach, is now channeling her vast knowledge and skills into advocating for women’s sexual wellness, health and fulfillment as an adult performer and filmmaker.

Transitioning from sports to performing and filmmaking was a logical next step for Shin: “I didn’t stumble into this industry accidentally; it was a leap I calculated with the same agility I applied on the track, and my aim is to share the lessons I’ve learned along the way, especially around women’s wellness and achieving goals. I want to inspire other women to recognize their potential and push beyond their perceived limits.”

The Texas native, who was also nationally ranked in Olympic weightlifting and holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, now wants to leverage her expertise to infuse her creative projects with themes of empowerment that translates to a profound understanding of the body and its capacities, which she elegantly weaves into her work as a content creator.

“I’ve always believed in the power of knowledge and the strength of an informed community, especially when it comes to women’s wellness,” says Shin. “Making the move to adult content has opened up a new avenue for me to advocate for sexual wellness. It’s more than just entertainment; it’s about educating and inspiring women to embrace their bodies, understand their desires and prioritize their health. I’m here to start conversations, challenge taboos and create content that reflects this empowerment.”

Shin’s evolution from athlete to advocate marks a significant step in her career, driven by a mission to highlight important issues surrounding women’s intimate well-being. Through her artistic endeavors, she looks to set a powerful example of how personal passion can translate into impactful advocacy.

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‘Blasian Goddess’ Kellie Shin is an accomplished erotic model, content creator and former competitive athlete and strength coach whose personal and creative journey has been as diverse as her itinerant upbringing.

Born in Killeen, Texas, Shin, whose heritage includes Black and Korean ethnicity, was raised in Seoul, South Korea, Bernhausen, Germany and Glendale, Arizona, with her early years defined by limited social outings and a disciplined focus on academics and athletics, where she embraced the goal-oriented challenges set early on by her tiger mom.

Securing a college scholarship in Track & Field, Shin’s dedication to athletics was highlighted by her achievements as an All American in the 100 meters in Junior College, a conference champion in the 60 meters and 100 meters, and as a former school and conference record holder. Shin was also a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, New York, and nationally ranked in Olympic Weightlifting in the 69kg and 75kg classes.

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotions, Shin has since contributed to the field of athletics as a strength coach for collegiate and professional athletes, including national champions, Olympians, and NFL players, through performance enhancement and injury prevention. Shin also ventured into the corporate fitness world, working with Fortune 500 companies before embracing modeling and performance as her career path.

A former nude model for a local artist guild, Shin finally made the leap to full-time modeling and content creation in 2019, finding fulfillment in her ability to express femininity and connect with a supportive community. Her work ethic and performance-driven mindset guide her creative process, and as she looks to the future, Shin envisions further expanding her professional reach into production, continuing to thrive outside the conventional 9 to 5 job structure with the freedom her current path offers. But for now, “I would love to shoot with more hot male talent in the United States, Canada and Europe; I want to continue to create hot, passionate and entertaining scenes.”

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