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Tampa – This holiday week, it’s time to give thanks to Roxie Rae for all her hard work and sexy scenes. Roxie continues to create some of the hottest fetish content known to man, and this week, she has a cornucopia of sexy new clips. This week features Roxie, Natasha Ty, Sadie Holmes, Adara Jordan, Janine Jericho, Cleo, Goddess Brandon, Rennadel Ryder, and Reagan Lush.

Roxie and Natasha kick things off with their scene on The Foot Fantasy. Roxie and Natasha are ready to tease you in their pantyhose, as they rub each other’s legs while you rub one out to their JOI. Next, another G/G scene is waiting for you on Roxie Rae Fetish. Cleo has a fun time planned for Janine, as the two lovely ladies have a contest to see who can blow up the most balloons in 10 minutes.

Sadie is back for a new clip for Karate Domination. Sadie is still pumped from kicking ass in class, and she wants to experience the thrill she felt. She tells you all about how strong her kicks and chops were, and wants you to keep stroking until she’s done telling you about her day. Adara is the next student to earn her orange belt in her scene, also on Karate Domination. All it takes is for Adara to humiliate you with her powerful feet and demand you do as she says in this JOI scene.

This week also sees two releases on Best Wedgies. First, Goddess Brandon struggles to rid herself of her wedgies as she is getting dressed in front of her mirror. But, the more she struggles, the worse her wedgie gets. Next, Rennadel and Reagan are hanging out when Rennadel tells Reagan that rumors are swirling about her. It’s said Reagan is a bully who loves to wedgie people, which leads to Reagan proving those rumors true, as she punishes Rennadel with deep wedgies.

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