Interview with Cam Girl and Content Creator Kandy Kaines

Kandy Kaines is an American Webcam Model and Content Creator with German, Korean and Cherokee Indian descent. Camgirlallaccess recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kandy to discuss her career and upcoming projects.

I read on your PornH­ub biography that you had Breast Augment­ation surgery after working 5 months as a camgirl. Do you feel that Breast Augm­entation is a wise investment for girls entering the camming business?

First of all, having any plastic surgery is a life long investment into yourself; You can make alterations to yourself, but you can’t take them back!

For myself, I’ve always wanted breast implants ever since I was 12, I was a natural A cup before the surgery and I’d like to say they were well worth the investment for myself. I also have a bimbofication fetish that absolutely encouraged the implants in general.

As for girls entering into the cam industry, it’s truly up to them; There’s plenty of cam models that have no breasts and make a great living, while there are also some models that have implants and make the same pay. Whatever makes you happy at the end of the day is really what matters the most.

Do you have any memo­ries of the first sc­ene that you ever fi­lmed?​

Yes! My first video I ever filmed was pretty exciting for me! I remember I had just logged off of cam for a break and I decided to record myself. Looking back, it’s a very low quality video with the audio and filming angle, but everyone has to start somewhere! It was shortly after I created my first twitter account and found out that selling clips was a thing in the Camgirl/content creator industry; I couldn’t believe there was an actual market for amateur videos and decided to try it out.

How have your fans embraced your pregnan­cy?

I would like to think most of my fans have embraced my pregnancy, but I know for a fact that I lost quite a few because not every one is into the pregnant fetish which is totally understandable. What I had lost out on, I gained back ×3! The pregnancy fetish is quite a huge fetish for some men and I would never have thought it would be so marketable for content.

What upcoming projec­ts can your fans look forward to in the near future?

Some of my future projects will be around my postpartum body changes and a lot of lactation content, which I am very excited about!

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