Interview with Professional Model and Clip Artist Ariel Anderssen

Ariel Anderssen is a Professional Model and Clip Artist who has worked in the modeling world for 17 years. Camgirlallaccess recently had the opportunity to sit down with Ariel to discuss her career and upcoming projects.

How long you have been working in adult?

I’ve been a professional model for 17 years, and four years ago I started making my own films for YouTube and Clips4Sale/ManyVids. These days I divide my time between modelling for other producers, and creating my own work.  Not all of my work is of an adult nature, but expressing my sexuallity through my work is one of my favorite things, so it is increasingly my focus.

How did you get involved in the adult industry?

I started as an artistic nude model, back in 2003.  I still work in that genre, but I quickly discovered that I loved modelling for fetish websites. I trained originally as an actress and worked in touring Shakespeare before I started modelling, so I gravitated towards video work, and it’s still my favorite.

Do you have any memories of the first scene that you filmed? 

The first film I produced for myself was a short custom video about getting into a bath full of freezing cold water. I was touring in the USA when the order came in, so my friend CJ Masters, my bondage producer friend, filmed it for me on my phone in his bathroom. It’s not my kink, but I loved the feeling of having made a product that belonged to me for the first time in my career.  And when my early videos started selling, I remember thinking ‘this is earning me enough money for a Starbucks coffee every day!’. And at the time, that felt like a success. Now, my videos make me enough money to live on, and I appreciate that very much. But even when it was making me $5 extra a day, I enjoyed the feeling of independence, because I’d always been dependent on other producers to book me, and it was nice to have a way to generate income on my own too.

Is there anything that you would like to do in your career that you haven’t had a chance to do yet?

Since Covid-19 lockdown, I’ve been shooting more sexual content than I’ve ever done before, because I’ve felt safe, trying new things on my own at home, with editorial control. So when I start travelling again for work, I feel as though I’ll have more confidence to try some things I’ve not done with other producers. My primary interest is in BDSM, and a lot of things are only safe/possible if you’re working with the right people, with the right level of experience. So more ambitious BDSM is definitely on my to-do list!

What upcoming projects can your fans look forward to in the near future?

I’ve already released 11 scenes from my My Favourite Things film project; it’s a series of movies where I discuss some of my favourite sexual activities, and then weave a fantasy for the viewer as I act out the things I’ve described, POV style.  The more I shoot, the more fantasies I realise I’ve not covered yet, so future installments of the series are worth looking out for, if you like BDSM from a female/submissive perspective.

What would you consider to be your top 2 scenes/clips that you are most proud of?

My most recent My Favourite Things movie is called Exposure And Shame, and I had the idea ages ago, but didn’t dare actually shoot it until last month. I’m really happy with how it turned out, because it’s such an honest reflection of my sexual tastes, and it’s become my best selling video which is reassuring, because it felt quite emotionally exposing to shoot.  Seeing my work sell well provides me with a lot of reassurance that other people share my sexual tastes, and it’s one of the reasons I especially like shooting content that means something personal to me. My other favorite is free to view, and it’s not adult content at all. It’s a two-minute long response to woman-hating trolls on the internet who like to insult models and sex workers. Basically, I wanted to say “We’re not interested in what you think of our bodies; we’re making too much money to care”. It went viral, which made me very happy, because my non-commercial videos are very dear to my heart. You can watch the video Here.

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