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VENICE, CA – The magickal Solstice is upon us and although it’s cold out Jenevieve Hexxx is turning up the mystical heat!

This Monday, Dec. 21, Jenevieve is hosting Magickmoves yoga to activate the power of the Solstice.  The class is an opportunity to “raise your sexual energy up for manifestation and enlightenment through ancient sacred practices including kundalini yoga, Sanskrit mantras and mudras and sacred tantric movement.”

“We are channeling the power of the harmonic convergence to activate for this coning age of Aquarius,” Jenevieve said. “We are drawing on the energy of planetary Magick to intensify this cosmic new era which will manifest open-hearted sexy love vibes, open-minded progressive thinking, the connection of spirituality and sexuality and the Unity of the physical-mystical realm.

The class will last 45 minutes and kicks off at 10:15 am PST. There will be mantras and Kundalini breath work for balancing chakras and aligning with the age of Aquarius. That will be followed by seated sacred movement, Kundalini/planetary alignment yoga and a “Magick in the body” celestial meditation to close out.

“Our goals are eliminating impurities that cause dis-ease, reducing worry and increasing peace of mind, being filled with unlimited creativity and inspiration, having a flexible strong body, mind and spirit and activating earth energy for a new era of loving Magick,” Jenevieve said.

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