Misfit Effect Noodcast Series Welcomes Liv Revamped and Yumi Sin and new Host Sarah Lace

he ‘Noodcast’s’ series of The Misfit Effect has a brand-new episode. Join new Misfit Effect host Sarah Lace and the Burbank Misfits as CW leaves the podcast in this two-part episode. The guests for the next two episodes are Liv Revamped, Yumi Sin, Ace Kush, & Chris Cock.

Ever excited to do more episodes, Lace has planned many more episodes to express freedom, fun, and engaging conversation through naked and open expression. Lace stated that it is always fun to be naked and be open.

The episode discusses wild sexual encounters, kinks, and tons of things about sexual expression. This star-studded cast brings laughter and what to look forward to from them soon.

Sarah Lace and Yumi Sin are both represented by 101 Modeling to book them. Liv Revamped is represented by ATMLA to book her.

Video of the episode can be viewed exclusively on “The Misfit Effect” OnlyFans and Pateron and soon on Sarah’s, Liv’s, and Yumi’s Onlyfans; audio of the episode can be streamed on every podcast platform and here on the Burbank Misfits site.

You Can follow Sarah Lace on Twitter and Onlyfans. You can follow Liv Revamped on Twitter and Onlyfans. And the same with Yumi Sin you can follow her on Twitter and Onlyfans. Look out for new and exciting things from the series as the next weeks allow 2024 to take form.


Author: Adult All Access