Serena Santos Shares Boyfriend Oliver Flynn With Girlfriend in Mofos Scene

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HOLLYWOOD – Serena Santos is the greatest girlfriend imaginable. Not only is she cool and beautiful and a demon in the sack, she’s not against you sticking it in her friends, either.

In Share My Boyfriend 18 (Mofos), we see Serena in action. She and her man (Oliver Flynn) are out on a jet ski and headed for an isolated island. She’s driving and he takes the opportunity to slide her bikini bottoms to the side and screw her as they glide across the water. When they get to the island, her boyfriend is surprised (and delighted) to find that Serena has already arranged for her pal Sofie Reyez to be there.

Soon the sound of birds singing on the tropical island is drowned out by the moans of these lovely ladies screaming their pretty heads off as they get long-donged by Oliver. He knows it’s all too good to be true – he says as much as they take turns sucking his cock – and he doesn’t waste a single stroke.

It’s hard to tell who is most excited about Oliver getting to fuck Sofie – Oliver, Serena or Sofie herself – but it’s a friendly and very sexy afternoon outing. They girls play well together, licking and touching the other as she gets dicked, everyone always feeling like an integral part of the action at all times.

In the end, Sofie probably gets more of the cock that Serena, but in the end, Oliver blasts most of his impressive load on his dynamite girlfriend. And why not? The girl certainly earned every creamy splurt.

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