The Essential Films of Britney Amber

Beautiful blonde bombshell Britney Amber is popular porn star who filmed her first ever sex scenes in 2008. Famous for her fabulous feature dancing tours and her scene-stealing moments in the popular porn parodies Not Animal House XXX (2012), Barb Wire XXX (2012), Batman vs. Superman XXX (2015) and The Donald (2016), Britney looks set to remain a fan-favourite performer for many years to come! In honor of Britney’s 28th Annual Nightmoves Award Nomination for “Best MILF Performer”, we are taking a look back her essential film performances.

Not Animal House XXX

In Not Animal House XXX Director-of-the-year Will Ryder blends XXX hardcore sex with the greatest comedy of all time. The Delta House is a wild sex-filled orgy of misconduct polar opposite the Omegas but when Dean Wormer puts Blutarsky, Otter, Dorfman, Pinto & the sorority girls on ‘double secret probation’ for excessive banging & sucking, the Animal House unleashes a parental nightmare of anal sex, wild orgies & sexual acts so profound & tasteless that decorum prohibits listing them here. Britney was nominated for a “Best Supporting Actress” award and “Best Scene – All Girl” at the 2016 XBIZ Awards for her performance in this film.

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Barb Wire XXX: A Dream Zone Parody

In the near future, a second American Civil War leaves the country a dark and desolate place, an ideal landscape for Mercenary-For-Hire Barb Wire. Her latest mission is to find a runaway prostitute and bring her home. But the recluse hooker and her parents aren’t who they say they are. It’s up to Barb to figure out who the good guys are and save the day. And as far as the bad guys are concerned, they better not call her “Babe.” Britney’s amazing in the film. Her performance earned her a “Best Actress – Parody Release at the 2014 XBIZ Awards.

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The Donald

In “The Donald“, Donald Trump needs to find a running mate! But this isn’t going to be just any vetting process. He’s doing his part to make sure the next VEEP is hot and hardcore-ready! Larry Flynt delivers his contribution to the Trump media circus with this hilarious spoof of The Donald‘s next step to the White House. Britney was nominated for an AVN “Best Supporting Actress” for her performance in the film.

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