Vitaly Uncensored Introduces New Social Platform for Models, Vitaly Girls

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(Los Angeles, CA / September 10, 2020)  – Vitaly Uncensored proudly presents the future of online content creation with the launch of brand-new social platform Vitaly Girls at Since launching Vitaly Uncensored, X-rated social prankster and media influencer Vitaly Zdorovetskiy has been overwhelmed with positive feedback, “which has driven me to push the boundaries and create bigger and better episodes; from climbing the Pyramids in Egypt to stealing the BangBus and blowing it up, I want to continue to give you all the absolute best quality and content I can.” For the past several months Zdorovetskiy and his team have been working on major site upgrade, and Vitaly Girls is the next huge development in premium social media platforms, featuring fans’ most-wanted models from past and future episodes. “Members can now unlock the most private and uncensored content from their favorite girls right from Vitaly Uncensored,” he says. “It’s been awesome to see other mainstream stars taking the leap into starting their own platforms as well as adult stars breaking away from shooting content for others and monetizing it themselves,” says Zdorovetskiy. “Recently though, I’ve seen some people taking advantage of the system – many companies are not supporting the models that helped build their platforms in the first place. I know many people who have been negatively impacted by this, and I knew I needed to do something to help.” Having worked in both mainstream and adult industries, Zdorovetskiy has been encouraged to see more people taking the leap and making the most out of their content. “I’m honored to have started that trend and blazed a trail for people to see that you don’t have to rely on massive companies to make money from your content.” 

ABOUT VITALY UNCENSORED: is the brainchild of social prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, a centralized home for fans to enjoy his specialty pranks and videos the way they were always meant to watched, Uncensored.
 The Russian-American launched his career on YouTube, building his channel to 10.2 million subscribers and 1.7 billion views. In 2019 Vitaly launched his own subscription site powered by Skinfluential Media (, the company set up to power influencer websites by SK Intertainment, home to the world-famous celebrity nudity platform “My journey from immigrant to being one of the top content creators in the world wasn’t always easy,” he says. “From building my wildly successful YouTube Channel to having my livelihood threatened by them demonetizing its creators – I stayed relentless and built my own private content creation site – and opened it up to other content creators – as a way to assure that no big company could ever screw me over again.” Vitaly Uncensored – and his new social platform for adult content creators, Vitaly Girls ( will feature only top content from top models: “no bullshit promises of nudity from celebrities that turn out to be a scam. These girls are ready to take it off and show you everything!” 

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